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The Silver Samurais Online Classes are totally unique and have been specially designed for anyone aged over 40 years-old or younger and is aimed at anyone who might normally be interested in Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Stretching & Flexibility classes or Keep Fit classes, but is looking for something that is both fun and really enjoyable to do that gives you great results.

Silver Samurais has been designed to be beginner friendly and easy to learn. It offers a fantastic, one-of-a-kind Martial Arts based workout that uses naturally flowing, slower martial arts movements and techniques, which are combined with simple and easy stretching routines, together with unique exercises that are designed to help eliminate your aches and pains and helping to restore your mobility.

Meet Nigel Davison
Nigel is the creator of Silver Samurais-the most comprehensive online Martial Arts programme available anywhere for the over 40’s. With over forty years experience of teaching Martial Arts to students of all ages, Nigel now reaches an online audience around the World with his new, amazing and unique Silver Samurais classes.

Nigel & Julie Davison

I realized many years ago when teaching Children, that our classes needed to be age-specific. With our Adult Martial Arts classes it was also very apparent that our normal classes were just too demanding for older adult students with health issues such as Arthritis, bad backs, bad hips, bad knees, bad elbows, bad shoulders, bad necks or bad ankles to name a few common issues. There was a real need to develop Age-specific classes specifically designed for the over 40’s to make you feel good, were enjoyable and fun to do, and would make your body feel good and best of all, move better, and so Silver Samurais was born.

Flexibility and strength are critical in life for all of us, at all ages to have a good quality of life, and of the two, flexibility is the more important and lack of it is the main reason for joint stiffness or muscular injuries. As I move into my 60’s, I believe that there is so much truth and wisdom in the statement:

You don’t stop training when you get old, you get old when you stop training

Your journey of discovery begins with the decision to take your first step to begin training with me in Silver Samurais and let us all enjoy the wonderful journey together in our friendly, warm and welcoming community with students from all around the World enjoying the health benefits, well-being and confidence that comes from great martial arts training in the Silver Samurais method – Nigel Davison

Let’s Get Started.
It’s never to late to start training in the martial arts. Also, never worry or think that you are not fit or flexible enough to start your training. 

We offer two different types of Membership for our Silver Samurais Classes. We have Face-to-Face Classes available in our Northampton Dojo during the Daytime.
We are enrolling now for our New Beginners Classes starting on Tuesday 19th April and we offer new students two free taster lessons to experience our classes before deciding to become a member:
Silver Samurais: 10.00am-10.45am

Contact us today or Call 07834 351112 to book your space.

We also offer Silver Samurais Lessons Online if you prefer to exercise at home with our fun, friendly and enjoyable workouts. You only need a relatively small space and you don’t need to invest in any costly equipment to have a great workout.
Our Silver Samurais online classes are Available anywhere, anytime, Stream from your TV, tablet, computer or phone. (This requires an internet connection).

New Silver Samurais online lessons are added every week to our training Library which you can do from a little as once-per-week, or as often as you would like if it fits into your daily lifestyle.

Join Us Today with an Online Membership (We offer you two free online taster lessons to make your mind up before deciding to become an Online Silver Samurais member).

Option 1SELECT
Monthly (£20 per-month).

Option 2SELECT
Yearly (£200 per-year). This is our best value Annual membership which is billed annually.

Exclusive Online Community
Join a vibrant community for motivation and connect with like minded friendly people that share your passion and experiences for Silver Samurais martial arts training.

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