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At East West Martial Arts in Northampton, we specialise in teaching Karate & Self Defence to both Children and Adults. We only teach age-specific classes, and do not combine children and adults together in the same classes.

Little Dragons Karate – for Ages 4 to 6

Karate Kids – Ages 7 to 14

Adults Martial Arts – Adults Class.

Silver Samurais – 50 and over.

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Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts Award
East West Martial Arts is leading the way locally in safeguarding for children training in the martial arts in Northampton. They have successfully, once again attained the prestigious Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts Standards Award. (March 31, 2023 to March 30, 2024).

The Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts Standards recognises martial arts schools/clubs in England, who have demonstrated that they have reached and effectively maintains good safeguarding standards for their students safety. This importantly, allows parents to make more informed decisions when selecting a martial arts school for their children.

Further information for parents about the Safeguarding Code can be found by visiting their website: Safe Guarding Code

For any immediate urgent concerns about Safeguarding Children, please Call Childline on 0800 11 11

You will get through to a counsellor, who is there to listen and support you with anything you’d like to talk about. Website Childline

What People Say?

This place is brilliant, a really family orientated Karate Dojo.

Martin Oswin

Definitely recommend. A great place, great instructors, friendly and caring place. If you want your child to learn Karate, this is the place to go.

Kelly Keen

Excellent Teachers, great with children.

Simon Masters

Our Facility

In particular, unlike many other Martial Arts Schools in Northampton, we have our own purpose built training venue. It is a spacious, warm, clean, fresh and bright facility for Martial Arts training that includes:

What Makes Us Different?

East West Martial Arts is a very different kind of Martial Arts School. In particular, our children’s classes have been specially designed for the different age-groups that we teach. Likewise, our classes are child friendly, with fun-packed, exciting and educational lessons with life skills. In summary, our classes are unique and are unlike any other martial arts classes that you will see anywhere else.

Watching Our Classes

As an example, when you are watching our classes, and our students stand up tall and are loud and clear. It’s very easy for us to say, we teach Confidence because you can ‘see it’.

Similarly, when you watch our classes and you see our students walk proudly. It’s very easy for us to say that these students have Self Esteem.

Likewise, while watching a class, you can observe that the students eyes are constantly on the instructors. So it’s easy for you to see that these students have Focus & Concentration skills.

In exactly the same way, when our students are lined up in class. It’s very easy for you to tell that our classes are Structured and Disciplined, because you can ‘see it’.

Nigel Davison (7th Dan Principal Instructor)

Nigel Davison

Above all, I have had the great pleasure, and feel extremely fortunate to have been training in the Martial Arts for over 40 years. In particular, I have developed a love and a passion for the art of teaching students of all ages. I believe that there is something special, unique and almost magical, when you can impact and empower children and adults to become more successful in their lives. Regularly, their lives are transformed forever, through the power of Martial Arts, and the values they teach. In conclusion, training in the Martial Arts is one of the greatest gifts in life. Especially, the ability of Martial Arts to create positive change in peoples lives, especially children.

Safeguarding Officer for Student Safety Concerns

<a href=httpswwwsafeguardingcodecomparents>httpswwwsafeguardingcodecomparents<a>
<strong>Liz Leech Safeguarding Officer<strong>

Mrs Liz Leech is the Designated Safeguarding Officer for East West Martial Arts. In particular, she is the person to contact for any issues regarding or concerning our students safety or welfare and is responsible for the recording and managing of any allegations, concerns or disclosures made regarding our students.

She can be contacted either in person at the East West Reception Desk or by Email:

Call East West Martial Arts

07834 351 112

The Safeguarding Code was created in 2018. It is funded by the National Lottery, and delivered by Sport England. It is designed to give parents and carers peace of mind. Particularly, when they are searching for martial arts schools, suitable for their children or adults in their care.

Further information about the safeguarding code in martial arts can be found by visiting their website: Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts

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